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consequences of terrorist attacks in belgium for Trends in brewing

Following the recent terroist attacks in Brussels on March 22, 2016, the Organizing Committee of TIB 2016 wishes to emphasize that we are safe.

We wish to inform you, participant of TIB 2016, that the 12th International Trends in Brewing symposium scheduled from 3-7 April 2016 at the KU Leuven Technology Campus in Ghent, Belgium, will proceed as planned.

However, the spokeswoman for Brussels Airport confirms that the airport remains closed at least until Friday, March 25, 2016. The airport has not yet been released and judicial investigation is still ongoing. The situation at Brussels Airport is continually evaluated. If necessary, all passengers will be contacted in time by their airline and/or travel agent for an alternate route to other airports nearby, or you can contact your travel agent yourself. From alternative airports trains to Ghent will be guaranteed. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you in Ghent!


Prof. Charlie Bamforth 1st Keynote speaker

With great pleasure we can announce the participation of Prof. Charlie Bamforth, one of the greatest recognized experts in the science of malting and brewing worldwide.

Prof. Bamforth has written numerous books and is the most appreciated American teacher in Malting & Brewing Science. His research focuses primarily on the wholesomeness of beer, including studies on the psychophysics of beer perception, on polyphenols and on the residues from non-starchy polysaccharides. Research in his laboratory at the Food Science and Technology Department of UC Davis also embraces the enzymology of the brewing process, foam stability, preventing oxidation in wort and beer and alternative paradigms for beer production.

At the 12th Trends in Brewing he will share his views on the diversity of beer styles, a unique opportunity to look forward to!



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